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Retrospective, the first partbook of The Socialite Family

Because we are in constant search of authenticity, The Socialite Family wanted to give life to a timeless object. Retrospective is the first part of a collection. A dive into our archives – that draws from the immense resources offered to us every day by the subjects that make up the personality of our media.

“Families, artists, craftsmen, decorators, architects and other enthusiasts of this world: thank you for opening your doors to us, and for letting us capture your readings, your colors but also some of your secrets. This first release is a tribute to you. This is a retrospective of your creativity and your talent, both gathered in a 288-page book object that you will be able to devour, admire and collect” – Constance Gennari.



Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 24.5 × 3.3 × 31.5 cm
Cover Hardcover
Pages 288
Language English
ISBN 9782957886814

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